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Please phone me please when you get home.

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What we’re reading

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tavi gevinson, lena dunham, petra collins….. now emma watson. who else will join the notorious liberal white feminist circle 

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COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS 1985 SS first collection

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You’re allowed to be anything.

You’re not allowed to let it destroy you.

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Dream wedding reception.

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Whatever you say

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"I want to be a visual artist, but the art world seems to be much more about politics than it is about talent. You have to continually go to galleries and events, so that you can shake the right hands and meet influential people. Extroverted artists seem to have a big advantage."

(Mexico City, Mexico)

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most of the time I really hate my body but there are moments when I kinda think wow isn’t it enough that I have a body and it works????

National Geographic,1968, Czechoslovakia.

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when your teacher asks u why ur late to class


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I’m reading the comments on the Daily Show’s Youtube video and now they are pissing me off a lot more than I originally thought, 

people think that One Direction fans are overreacting or that they are little girls and don’t understand satire

first of all, it almost has nothing to do with the band, terrorism is NOT A FUCKING JOKE and growing up in a Muslim household and knowing that my family has always been and will always be ridiculed because of faith is disheartening and actually a pathetic reflection on the general public

my brothers and I still get those stupid offhand comments like “oh, give me the twin towers back” which is absolutely mortifying  

and just because said Muslim is a celebrity and said comedian is also famous, it doesn’t suddenly make it okay to joke about it   

yea yea, it’s a fucking satire, but “jokes” like this are the reason why the issue never actually goes away

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